Modular training packages

Our training is split up into packages which focus on a specific KOLOLA use case. We can also create custom training modules if your team have special requirements for your data, such as interacting with your marketing team or helping your research office to submit data to ResearchFish using our data transfer tools.

Flexible delivery methods

Our training can be supplied either face-to-face at your premises or via screencast. This gives you flexibility to train small groups of people quickly throughout the year, with the option to provide a more cost effective, intensive training programme for larger teams.

Our training packages

Training modules available

We deliver our training in modules which can be delivered via screencast or at your premises. Each of our modules is tailored around a specific use case as detailed below:

KOLOLA 101 module

A basic introduction to help get you started with KOLOLA. Ideal for quickly onboarding new team members, it will walk them through the main features, contextualising the system for their individual role.

Impact champion module

We train designated 'Impact Champions' at your institution who are trained to master the basics of using KOLOLA, giving them the knowledge they need to provide first level support to other staff.

Project manager module

Tailored to project managers and administrators, this training provides in-depth guidance on using KOLOLA's built-in analytics tools to create detailed reports and manage the data in your portfolio effectively.

Custom module

If your project has special requirements, such as reporting your data to marketing teams or interacting with your research office, we can come up with a bespoke training module to help you to fully utilise KOLOLA to meet your needs.

Pricing and delivery methods

Screencast delivery

We deliver your chosen training modules across Skype/Google Hangouts. Ideal for training smaller teams quickly. Participant require a Skype/Hangouts account.

*£75.00 (exl. VAT)
1 Hour Total
3 Attendees per Session

Onsite delivery

We travel to your premises and deliver your chosen modules directly. Suitable for larger teams. You will need to provide a room with a projector and internet access.

*£200.00 (exl. VAT) + Travel Costs
2 Hours Total
20 Attendees per Session

*Discounted rates

Standard and Premium tier users receive a discount on the prices quoted above:

Premium Tier - Subscribers enjoy 1 free day of training per year (maximum of 3 modules per day), as well as a 50% discount for additional training requirements.

Standard Tier - Subscribers can take advantage of a 20% discount on all our training.

Make a booking

To make an enquiry, please either phone +44 (0)23 8076 0945, or write to outlining your contact details and training requirements. A member of our team will aim to respond to you within 24 hours.