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Activity Collections

Collections provide a simple way to group related activities together and can be used to keep track of an emerging case study, or just to keep similar activities together. These collections can be private, or shared between users.

How does it Work?

Access your Collections by selecting 'My Collections' from the search box. Alternatively, you can use the link in the navigation box at the top of the activity browser.

Within 'My Collections' you can create a new collection by clicking on the 'New Collection' tile. A pop-up window will appear which lets you assign a name, description and colour to the collection to help you distinguish it later on.

Edit an Existing Collection

Before you can add activities to a new collection or edit an existing one, you will first need to open the collection and the click on the blue 'Modify Collection' button.

Once you have enabled modifications, you can simply drag and drop activities and people into the collection from elsewhere in the portfolio. This is easiest to do if you open a second tab in your browser, then snap your collection to one half of the screen and the activity browser to the other half, allowing you to drag and drop between the two tabs.

You may also remove people and activities from the collection by clicking on the 'Remove' icon (this will only appear if you are currently modifying the collection).

What can I use this for?

Collections provide a convenient way to group activities and people together, plus you can share them with other people using the ePortfolio. This can be useful if you are trying to build a narrative between certain people and activities and wish to share your ideas. You can also use collections to help you group activities in a way which is more meaningful to you.

Additionally, admin users can use collections as a way to group activities for KOLOLA's built-in analytics tools.