Drag and Drop Data

Drag and drop is enabled on many of KOLOLA's elements which allows you to quickly transfer data around.

How does it work?

Before dragging and dropping data, it's generally best to open a second browser tab. Have the first tab contain the data you want to transfer, and the second tab contain a section where you would like to drag data to.

To drag and drop data, simply click and drag anywhere within an activity tile and you should see a phantom of the tile follow your cursor around the screen. You can then drop the tile into other portfolios, collections, timelines and even external websites (though there are special instructions for the latter option).

Dragging and dropping an activity tile transfers all of the data associated with that activity, including attachments and evidence. However, attachments can also be controlled using the privacy options so that they will not export when dragged and dropped (which might be important for protecting sensitive attachments such as e-mails).

What can I use this for?

  1. Quickly transferring activities between multiple portfolios. You might want to do this to transfer activities to a personal portfolio, or to a portfolio belonging to another group or department.
  2. Adding activities to collections using the collections tool, or to timelines using the timelines tool.
  3. Dragging and dropping data to external websites such as ResearchFish (though this requires you to follow special instructions).