Setting up Evidence Capture


Evidence capture can be assigned to specific YES/NO assessment statements to prompt users to upload text strings, integers, attachments or web-links as evidence.

Accessing Evidence

  1. Click on the 'Admin Tools' button (this is only visible to users with admin privileges enabled).
  2. Click on the 'Framework' tab, followed by the 'Evidence' tab which appears below.

Defining Evidence

  1. Click on 'New Evidence' to create a blank form and begin creating a new evidence requirement.
  2. Complete the fields as follows:
    • Type - Choose the type of data the user can upload:
      • Text - Accepts alphanumeric characters and stores as a text string.

        NOTE: KOLOLA analytics cannot generate graphs from numbers stored in a text string, so 'Integers' should always be selected for evidence inputs which are purely numeric.
      • Integer - Accepts whole numbers and stores as an integer value (cannot accept fractions or decimal points).
      • Attachment - Accepts uploaded files in a wide variety of formats (.pdf, .doc, .jpeg etc) and stores the complete file.
      • Link - Accepts a hyperlink and stores an icon on the activity which follows the input link.
    • Name - Provide a reference name for the evidence requirement.
    • Description - The instruction which will appear to the user when prompted to record this evidence. This is best phrased either as a question or an instruction to the user which explains the data required, such as 'Number of people reached?' or 'Upload a copy of your publication'.
    • Global - Tick this checkbox if you want the evidence to be required from all activities recorded regardless of type.
  3. Click 'Save' to create your evidence requirement.

Assigning Evidence to YES/NO Assessment Statements

  1. Navigate to the 'Impact Indicators' tab (also located under the 'Framework' tab).
  2. Select the indicator you wish to assign the evidence to.
  3. Under 'Required Evidence', select your evidence from the dropdown list, then click on 'Assign Evidence'.
  4. Click on 'Save' to store the changes.