Upload an E-mail

Depending on the e-mail client you are using, you can drag and drop e-mails directly onto an activity in KOLOLA to instantly upload them. Otherwise you can save your e-mail as a file on your desktop which can then be uploaded.

How does it Work?

  1. You can upload documents to activities within KOLOLA, and this also extends to e-mails.

    Some e-mail clients will allow you to drag an e-mail directly from your inbox to be dropped as a file. You can drop this directly onto a KOLOLA activity to instantly upload the file to it as an attachment.

    For other e-mail clients, you will first need to save the e-mail you would like to upload as a file (most clients will allow you to do this by right clicking on the e-mail and choosing to export it). You can then drag and drop the file onto an activity from wherever you have saved it, just as you would with any other attachment.

What can I use this for?

Sometimes you may find it more convenient to store particular e-mail chains as part of an activity to make them easier to share or refer to later on.