Change People Assigned to an Activity

Modify people who are assigned to a particular activity.

How does it Work?

Add Yourself to an Activty

Find the activity you wish to join and click on the blue "Join" button to assign yourself to it.

Remove Yourself from an Activity

Find the activity you wish to unassign yourself from and click on the green "Unjoin" button.

Modify Other Users Assigned to an Activity

Find the activity you wish to edit and follow the "Edit an Activity" instructions to change people assigned to the activity.

What can I use this for?

Assigning yourself to activities allows other users to see that you were involved. This can be useful in situations where multiple people were part of a single activity because only one of you needs to add the activity to KOLOLA and everybody else involved can simply be assigned to it, saving most of you time and preventing duplication of effort.

Any activities you are assigned to will also appear in "My Activities" which can make it easier for you to track them later on.