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The Basics of Navigating KOLOLA

  • At the top of every page is a toolbar which allows you to quickly navigate around KOLOLA:
  • From left to right, the buttons include:
    • Homepage Button - Click to return to the KOLOLA homepage.
    • Notifications List - Click to access your notifications list. Notifications show you important activity that has occurred in your ePortfolio.
    • Add Activity Button - Click to begin the process of adding an activity to be recorded onto KOLOLA.
    • Search Box - Find specific people, activities or other information by typing search queries into the box, or choose from the drop-down list of common destinations.
    • Admin Settings - Only admin users will see this icon on the toolbar. Click to access a wide variety of admin tools, including KOLOLA's data analytics.
    • Competition Statistics - Click to access KOLOLA's competition features (if enabled on your ePortfolio).
    • Account Settings - Click to modify your personal account settings.
    • Logout Button - Click to log-out of KOLOLA.