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Attachments and Weblinks

Most types of documents can be attached to specific activities to help supplement evidence of impact. These include weblinks, e-mails, pdfs, text documents, spreadsheets, images, videos and more.

How does it Work?

Adding Attachments

The easiest method to upload an attachment is to simply drag and drop a file onto an open activity in the activity browser. You can do this by dragging a file directly from an open folder or your desktop and onto the activity. If successful, a blue loading bar will be displayed within the activity to illustrate the progress of the upload.

Attachment Visibility

Sometimes, you might want to upload an attachment which is sensitive and you do not want it to be viewable by other people. You can edit the privacy settings of individual attachments by hovering your mouse over their icon within an open activity and clicking on the cog icon which appears. The 3 privacy options include:

  • Private - Only yourself and administrators will be able to see the attachment. This also protects the attachment from being exported to other portfolios.
  • Users - Only yourself, administrators and other people sharing your portfolio will be able to see the attachment. This also protects the attachment from being exported to other portfolios.
  • Public - Anybody can see the attachment if they are provided with an event permalink for the activity (this includes people not using KOLOLA), or if your portfolio is set up to be viewable by the public. This also allows the attachment to be exported to other portfolios.

Adding Links

Adding links is slightly different process to adding attachments:

  1. Find the activity you would like to add a link to and expand it within the activity browser.
  2. Click on the "Media" button to begin editing attachments.
  3. Click the "Add Link" button and input the URL for the weblink you would like to add. If successful, an icon should appear containing a preview image of the web link.

What can I use this for?

  • Attaching an image will cause it to be displayed by the activity tile, which can be used to make the portfolio more attractive.
  • Attachments and weblinks can provide powerful evidence which you can refer to later on to demonstrate that impact has taken place as a direct result of a particular activity.
  • Storing attachments on KOLOLA can make them much easier to find in the future, particularly several years down the road. This is because you can search for the related activity even if you only remember a rough date or who you worked with - this information can help you quickly narrow your search down when compared to searching through multiple folders on a computer.
  • Your institution can enable the Kleio archive add-on to KOLOLA, which enables it to scrape data from websites in multiple formats to enable long term storage. This is particularly useful for preserving evidence from external websites which are liable to be taken down/changed over time.