Edit an Activity

Modify the evidence, attachments and details stored within an activity.

How does it Work?

  1. Click on an activity you want to modify to expand the box and then click on "Edit Impact".
  2. Five new tabs will appear which allow you to edit different data stored by the activity:
    • Details - Edit general details about the activity, including the name, description, location and participating organisation.
    • Dates - Change the dates which the activity took place.
    • Impact Points - Modify responses to the true/false impact mapping statements.
    • People - Add/remove people associated with the activity.
    • Evidence - Modify the evidence stored within the activity.
    • Save* - Save all changes made to the activity.

      *Note - make sure you click the save tab otherwise none of your changes will be made permanent!

What can I use this for?

Some activities may take place over a large period of time so this feature gives you the ability to curate the ePortfolio and make amendments as necessary.