Flexible, user-friendly software
to help universities, charities and
enterprise to record, analyse and
report on their impact and

KOLOLA is a collaborative ePortfolio system that connects your team
and creates a rich, structured record of your activity. Use it to capture
management data, wow your funders, and collaborate with colleagues.

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KOLOLA Personal Edition

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KOLOLA can benefit all kinds of organisation

Universities & Academic Institutions

Engage everybody, from academics through to PhD students, to collaborate in building a shared ePortfolio of research, outreach, knowledge transfer and enterprise activities.

Record a wide range of activities, including publications, outreach, public engagement, collaborations and industry involvement and capture the evidence as it happens.

Use KOLOLA's built-in tools to help construct detailed REF case studies, quickly identify interesting activities and events to develop into marketing content, or access personal online portfolios for use as evidence in CVs, interviews and appraisals.


KOLOLA can be fully customised to capture data specific to your goals or funding criteria, helping you to capture the evidence you need to produce strong funding bids.

Create a rich record of your charitable and fundraising activities to improve your marketing and to engage with your supporters.


Record progress towards corporate certifications like Investor in People, track your corporate social responsibility programme or support your personnel in creating rich portfolios of their professional development.

KOLOLA can be used to support your staff, enhance your marketing and provide valuable insight into activities where financial success isn't the only metric you care about.

Everything you need to prepare for both REF & RCUK reporting

Imagine a system which could capture impact data from academics and staff across your institution, all in one place, ready for reporting to HEFCE or RCUK. Our default assessment framework aligns with the RCUK Harmonised reporting requirements.

Real-time impact data capture

Recording impact as you go helps to ensure that every detail is captured, no matter how big or small.

Tools to help you construct case studies

Build a timeline depicting how your activities connect together to form a bigger story, which can then be shared with colleagues.

An accessible resource to use for your marketing

Instantly visible activities and impact, marketing teams can quickly identify interesting stories and the people behind them.

Impress your funders and demonstrate you are meeting your mission

As a charity, being able to demonstrate the positive value you bring is one of the best ways to get people on side to support you; funders like to see that their money is being well spent after all! KOLOLA makes it easier than ever for you to capture a comprehensive record of all of the activities and impact that staff across your organisation are generating, all in one place.

Capture success as and when it happens

KOLOLA makes it fast and easy to record activites and events as you go, helping you to capture vital details whilst they are still fresh in your head.

Quickly generate detailed stats to wow your funders

KOLOLA's built in analytics allow you to quickly build up interesting facts about the activities and events you have recorded.

An accessible resource to use for your marketing

Instantly visible activities and impact, marketing teams can quickly identify interesting stories and the people behind them.

Create a detailed record of your organisation's non-financial achievements

The vast majority of organisations have goals outside of simply making money. A growing number of organisations are now increasingly thinking about ways to better meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and staff development goals. KOLOLA allows your staff to collaborate in recording their own individual achievements, all in one place.

See the bigger picture

Recording all your data in one place can help you aggregate smaller successes into larger achievements which are more newsworthy.

Individuals can build a personal activity portfolio

By recording their activities, individuals build their own personalised portfolio over time. This can be used for appraisals, as evidence in CVs and more.

An accessible resource to use for your marketing

Instantly visible activities and impact, marketing teams can quickly identify interesting stories and the people behind them.

Work together to record activities

  • Quickly create activities to add to a shared ePortfolio
  • Simple true/false statements assessment ensures key details are always captured, no matter what type of activity is being recorded
  • Attach web links, e-mails, images, videos, PDFs, Office docs and more as supporting evidence
  • "Join" button lets users quickly add themselves to other people's activities, avoiding duplication of effort
  • Users can leave personal reflections on activities, aiding the collaboration process

Everybody wins when you take a collaborative approach

Capture data more quickly

KOLOLA makes the process of recording an activity incredibly fast and simple, encouraging users to record as they go, rather than waiting to be prompted.

Greater coverage of activities

By increasing the number of people recording data, you reduce the risk of activities going unrecorded, helping you build a more comprehensive record of your activity.

Increased accountability

KOLOLA can help you to highlight which people were involved with particular activities and impact, allowing you to evaluate individual contribution and support your team appropriately.

Socially engaging

Our activity browser lets users explore the activities uploaded by other people in their team, turning the latest upload into a talking point with colleagues!

Users build a personalised portfolio

As users add activities to KOLOLA, they steadily contribute to their own personalised portfolio which they can export and share with other people.

Make activities more visible to marketing

KOLOLA provides your marketing team with a visually stimulating and fully searchable list of all the different activities taking place across your organisation, as well as a repository of rich media resources.

Create a structured record of activity with non-expert users

Simple true/false assesment

Users complete a series of true/false statements, allowing them to quickly categorise the impact generated from their activity and capture key details.

Context-sensitive evidence capture

Need to capture specific evidence or more detailed information for a particular type of activity or impact? Add evidence requirements to collect numbers, text, attachments or web links when users choose particular statements.

Record activity and impact over the long term

A rich dataset

Combine detailed, structured information about activities with attached evidence, ensuring that you have a qualitative and quantitative picture of your achievements.

Cloud storage options available

For extra peace of mind, your data can be backed up onto an external cloud server, or even to your institution's own servers if you prefer.

Automatic updates

Our development team are constantly adding capabilities and refining KOLOLA, with new features available as soon as they're released.

Attach a wide range of documents to activities and archive online material

Attach images, videos, documents and e-mails

You can add a wide range of media, documents and other attachments to enrich your activities. Your attachments can be shared with other users, allowing users to collaborate in assembling and demonstrating a rich impact record.

Automatically archive online content

KOLOLA automatically builds an archive of any online content you link to. It can create .mp4 files of YouTube videos, as well as .png and .pdf saved versions of web pages. This ensures that even if the online content is moved or deleted at a later date, you will still have access to a copy of it for future reference.

Professional support to give you peace of mind

Built-in tooltips

Helpful guidance pops up whenever you come across a new feature.

Training packages

We can provide a range of training modules to get your team up to speed.

Account manager

A technician will help to ensure that KOLOLA is embedded successfully across your team.

Support team

Support both online and over the telephone is available during standard business hours.

Designed for convenience

Import events from your calendar

KOLOLA integrates with most online calendars (including Microsoft Outlook) to pull details about upcoming appointments, allowing you to import them with a click.

Print "scan to join" posters to distribute at events

You can create an activity in advance of an event and then generate a QR code which links to it. This code can then be printed and distributed at the event, allowing users to scan the code on their smartphone and quickly add themselves to the activity.

Works on your smartphone or tablet

You can access KOLOLA from any device with access to a web browser. Our system is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11, Firefox and Chrome.

Quickly join existing activities

You can add yourself to activities created by other users with a simple touch of the "join" button, helping to avoid duplication of activities and effort.

Reports and Analytics

Built-in Analytics

KOLOLA contains tools which allow you to quickly analyse the data you have collected and produce visually stunning graphs.

Produce Detailed Reports

Group together graphs and statistics about your data to produce detailed reports. Discover the people and the stories behind your institutions impact.

Ready to integrate with your enterprise systems

Corporate branding

We can incorporate your logo and colour scheme into the design of your portfolio

Identity and authentication

KOLOLA supports LDAP, ActiveDirectory and Shibboleth, allowing your users to log in using their existing institutional identity.

API access available

KOLOLA is ready to integrate with your CRIS and other management systems through the provision of our API.

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