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User Guides

Set up as a First Time User

Instructions for accessing your account for the very first time.

Modify your Account

Change your password, display name, profile photo and other settings.

Add an Activity

One of the most basic features of KOLOLA is being able to build a record of your activities, quickly map out their evidence for potential impact, as well as serving as a long term repository for attachment documents.

Attachments and Weblinks

Most types of documents can be attached to specific activities to help supplement evidence of impact. These include weblinks, e-mails, pdfs, text documents, spreadsheets, images, videos and more.

Activity Collections

Collections provide a simple way to group related activities together and can be used to keep track of an emerging case study, or just to keep similar activities together. These collections can be private, or shared between users.

Edit an Activity

Modify the evidence, attachments and details stored within an activity.

Framework Browser

Display a list of activities and basic statistics relating to a particular area of the assessment framework.

Calendar Imports

Import activities from a shared online calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail and other systems supported).

Generate Summary Statistics about your Data

You can create basic statistical information about your uploaded data, including the total number of activities you have uploaded, as well as breakdown the areas of the assessment framework that your activities currently provide evidence of covering.

Drag and Drop Data

Drag and drop is enabled on many of KOLOLA's elements which allows you to quickly transfer data around.

Change People Assigned to an Activity

Modify people who are assigned to a particular activity.


Notifications provide a convenient way of tracking new events and interactions taking place within the ePortfolio.

Find your Uploaded Data

Access activities, collections, calendars and timelines which you have personally uploaded.

Search Options

Find just about anything within the ePortfolio using the search box, including activities, people, collections and more.

Share Activities

Each activity tile has several built in buttons which makes it much easier to share them and add them to collections.

Link an Activity to a Collection of Tweets

You can add a link to an activity connecting to a collection of tweets built using the tools on Storify.