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We've done our best to keep our prices fair and simple. On each tier, your annual payment amount is based on a per-user monthly fee. You can add new users as you need them, so you never need pay for more licenses than you actually need.

Light Standard Premium
Free * £3 User/Month ** £5 User/Month **
Up to 50 Users * Up to 200 Users Unlimited Users
Basic Analytics Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics
E-mail Support E-mail Support E-mail Support
Training Available Training Available
(+ 20% Discount)
1 day per year of training included
(+ 50% Discount)
API Access API Access
Own-Site Backups Own-Site Backups
Enterprise Authentication Enterprise Authentication
SSL Encryption SSL Encryption
Telephone Support
Custom Domain Name
Named Account Manager
Deployment Assistance
* Free for up to 50 users for 8 weeks
(£18.00 per user per year for additional users, up to a maximum of 100)
** discounts apply for more users ** discounts apply for more users

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How do we compare? (Effective monthly cost per user)

There's nothing else quite like KOLOLA, so a price comparison is tricky. The table below shows how our pricing compares with other software-as-a-service that you might be using. (Price per user per month and annual total)

Number of Users KOLOLA Standard Impact Story Office 365 * Sugar CRM Pro Mendeley ** Yammer Enterprise LinkedIn Sales Basic LinkedIn Sales Plus Vitae
8 £3.00 £288.00 £2.25 £216.00 £8.40 £806.40 £23.00 £2208.00 £5.84 £561.00 £2.00 £192.00 £12.99 £1247.04 £29.99 £2879.04 £1.50 £144.00
40 £2.88 £1380.00 £2.25 £1080.00 £9.80 £4707.00 £23.00 £11040.00 £5.84 £1968.96 £2.00 £960.00 £12.99 £6235.00 £29.99 £14395.00 £1.50 £720.00
100 £2.68 £3216.00 £2.25 £2700.00 £9.80 £11760.00 £23.00 £27600.00 -
£2.00 £2400.00 £12.99 £15588.00 £29.99 £35988.00 £1.50 £1800.00
* Office 365 Small Biz Premium, or Midsize Biz
** Mendeley Education / Non-profit
We've done our best to ensure that these prices are accurate, but you should consult these vendors directly for the most up to date pricing information on their products!


Cloud Hosted

Your ePortfolio is hosted by us and can be accessed through the cloud from any internet capable device.

Secure Data

For peace of mind, we can regularly back up all your data to your own Amazon S3 cloud account.

Rich Media Storage

Users can attach photos, videos and other files to support their own personal activity record.

Built-in Statistics

Built-in statistical reports allow you to visualise your data, or integrate with other systems through our API.

Flexible Licensing

We have both subscription and site license options available, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Cross-device Support

You can access KOLOLA from your computer, tablet PC or phone to record your activity and impact.