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Flexible Licensing

We understand that teams can change in size, so we provide flexible licensing which can adapt to your evolving requirements. On all of our tiers, you purchase a 12 month subscription for a fixed number of users which is paid for annually and is based on a per-user monthly fee. If you need to add more users later on, you can purchase additional 12 month licenses on top as you require them.

Product Tiers

Our prices below do not include VAT.

Light Standard Premium
Free * £3 User/Month ** £5 User/Month **
Up to 50 Users * Up to 200 Users Unlimited Users
Basic Analytics Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics
E-mail Support E-mail Support E-mail Support
Training Available Training Available
(+ 20% Discount)
1 day per year of training included
(+ 50% Discount)
API Access API Access
Own-Site Backups Own-Site Backups
Enterprise Authentication Enterprise Authentication
SSL Encryption SSL Encryption
Telephone Support
Custom Domain Name
Named Account Manager
Deployment Assistance
* Free for up to 50 users for 8 weeks
(£18.00 per user per year for additional users, up to a maximum of 100)
** discounts apply for more users ** discounts apply for more users

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You will need to contact one of our technicians to discuss your requirements, either by phoning +44 (0)23 8076 0945 or writing to If you have generated an instant e-mail quote within the last 12 months, you can supply us with your reference number to have the price honoured.