Benefits your entire team

It helps teams to communicate

KOLOLA records and brings together everything that people are working on as part of a project into a centralised portfolio, granting everyone greater oversight on the project's direction and sparking curiosity. Our approach helps everybody to work more cohesively.

It measures the value created by your project and breaks it down

Our underlying assessment matrix helps your team to capture essential information about their performance, impact and other non-financial ROI being generated. This data can be instantaneously analysed to quickly respond to questions from trustees, funders and other stakeholders.

It helps non-experts to record impact

KOLOLA helps non-expert users to map out the impact and value generated through their activity by walking them through an assessment framework. The framework itself is fully customisable, allowing you to set up prompts to attach specific evidence depending on the type of activity and impact being recorded. This enables teams to record their impact without needing to be trained to recognise it themselves.

Easy to use, easy to deploy

It works on computers, phones and tablets

KOLOLA works across devices. You can use it on desktop, laptop or mobile, allowing you to upload activities and access your portfolio, whenever and wherever is convenient to you.

No installation is required

KOLOLA is cloud-based, so it runs entirely in a web browser (IE 11, IE 12, Edge, Firefox and Chrome are all supported). This means that your team can get up and running quickly, using the software that they already have installed on the majority of their devices.

Great features to help you achieve more

Build a project portfolio

KOLOLA helps teams to visualise how their project is developing by asking them to record their activity, which could include things like planning events, fundraising, conducting outreach through to delivering services. This information is then stored centrally as part of a collaborative ePortfolio which represents everything contributed by everyone towards making your project work.

Upload all kinds of evidence

A wide range of media, documents and other attachments can be added to enrich your activities and to be used as direct evidence of value being created. Attachments can be shared with other people, even non-KOLOLA users, making the platform flexible in it's ability to respond to queries from stakeholders.

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Archive files sourced from external links

KOLOLA allows users to link their activities to external resources, such as web pages and YouTube videos. However, such resources are liable to be changed or moved over time, so we optionally offer an archiving tool called KLEIO which can take a resource like a web page and save it in multiple file formats, including text, PDF and PNG. This feature enables you to create a durable archive of external resources which can be useful for understanding the context of your impact at a later date.

Build collections and timelines from recorded activities

KOLOLA allows you to create collections of activities from the project portfolio which can then be saved, shared, exported or analysed. Timelines can also be created from recorded activities with the ability to add notes and attachments to the timeline sequence. These features can help you construct a narrative out of events and are particularly useful for generating reports about specific events or people.

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Import appointments from your calendar

KOLOLA integrates with most online calendars (including Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail) to pull in data about recorded appointments and helping you to quickly add them to your portfolio by pre-filling some of the data for you.

Transfer data to your existing systems

KOLOLA is equipped with a built in API which can integrate with your other management systems. Our Interchange Helper Chrome Extension also enables you to drag and drop data from KOLOLA to third party websites.

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Quickly drag data between portfolios

KOLOLA lets you manage as many portfolios as you want, allowing you to divide people into logical teams or groups. Curating multiple portfolios is really easy with our drag and drop functionality, letting you quickly transfer specific data between portfolios.

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