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Research Teams

From planning experiments, conducting outreach, researching publications
and reporting on impact - KOLOLA helps teams to succeed.

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How does KOLOLA Benefit Research Teams?

Record your Outputs and Achievements

KOLOLA captures all the activity taking place across your team and intelligently collects and maps evidence against your designated project goals, allowing for instantaneous reports and greater project oversight.

Collaborate more Effectively

Work together on tasks by uploading documents and web-links which you can either make accessible to the entire team, or set to private so that only you can access them.

Communicate your Outcomes and Impact

Build a shared record of your team's collective activity, allowing everyone to track your collaborative progress which improves cohesion and awareness amongst individuals.

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Directly Incurred Costs

KOLOLA Research Platform: KOLOLA will allow us to create an archive of all project outputs; facilitate intra-team communication; record and report on impact-generating activities; and collect project management data. KOLOLA simplifies these tasks and supports more complete recording of impact and activity data that other ad-hoc recording methods We will purchase a license for each member of the research team ( person(s)) for the duration of the project ( year(s)).