Get Better Oversight
of your Research Project

KOLOLA connects researchers, managers and impact officers, helping them to record, communicate, monitor and share their achievements, outputs and impact.

What is KOLOLA?

KOLOLA is an online system that supports the recording, exhibition and analysis of a team's impact. It makes it easy and efficient for individuals to record their impact and achievements and provides a rich dataset that organisations can leverage to demonstrate impact and other non-financial ROI such as CSR, CPD or knowledge dissemination.

How does it work?

KOLOLA gives people a platform to record all of the stuff they get up to day-to-day, such as research, outreach, knowledge transfer and enterprise activities. During the recording process, simple true/false statements assessment ensures key details are always captured, no matter what type of activity is being recorded. All of this information is then combined into a collaborative ePortfolio which exhibits the activity, outputs and impact of the entire team.

KOLOLA Provides Real Value for Research Teams

The data captured by KOLOLA provides real value to individuals and leaders for monitoring, reporting, personal development and appraisal purposes, as well as supplying impact officers and comms teams with solid evidence to help them prepare detailed case studies.

More Efficient Reporting

KOLOLA standardises how your team records evidence about all of their activity, outputs and impact, with the data captured in a centralised, structured format which is immediately ready for use in reports, case studies and analysis.

Greater Project Collaboration

KOLOLA is a great platform for teams to collaborate on workstreams, with tools to share attachments, leave feedback and work together on documents through Etherpad integration.

Promotes Team Culture

KOLOLA facilitates inter-project communication and helps "keep the team a team" by providing a platform for people to explore and interact with what others are getting up to, even when individuals are working across multiple departments/institutions.

Benefits Your Team and Your Institution

Simplify Preparations for REF & RCUK impact reporting

KOLOLA helps teams to collect data about their outcomes and impact in a rich, structured and standardised way, giving you the ability to conduct data analysis quickly. Data can be further structured into timelines within KOLOLA, helping impact officers to make sense of the sequence of events leading up to an achievement and helping them to draft REF case studies.

A Necessary Chore is now a Manageable Routine

Users spend just 15 minutes a week on average updating the portfolio and everybody benefits from a fully structured, fully searchable dataset later on.

Timelines to Help Draft Case Studies

KOLOLA allows you to build shareable timelines from recorded activities and append your own photos and notes, helping you to quickly compile draft case studies.

Can Link Directly to External Comms Teams

Marketing, PR and Impact Officers can be given access to your portfolio which allows them to proactively identify interesting developments in your project.

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KOLOLA Research Platform: KOLOLA will allow us to create an archive of all project outputs; facilitate intra-team communication; record and report on impact-generating activities; and collect project management data. KOLOLA simplifies these tasks and supports more complete recording of impact and activity data that other ad-hoc recording methods We will purchase a license for each member of the research team ( person(s)) for the duration of the project ( year(s)).